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Door Decors - a different kind of wall decoration

Sure, normally you find wallpaper on the wall. But then what is normal anyway? It is up to each individual to decorate their home as they like, so you can live out your fantasies and preferences, and even put wallpaper on the door. Why not? Alright, let’s be honest: if you just stick any old wallpaper on the door, you probably won’t be happy with the results. And for just that reason we offer self-adhesive door decors. Developed especially for doors, these otherwise only practical room entrances become absolute head-turners.

Everybody knows that doors are often not especially nice to look at. Boring, monotonous, convenient, but not really anything great. If you have more or less overlooked them in the past, now you can look forward to scoring decorating points with our door decors. The self-adhesive non-woven fabric quickly conjures a fantastic and durable image on your door. And the whole thing is possible without having to cut it to size. 90% of all door leaves are one of three standard sizes. Of course we have taken that into consideration and designed our high-quality door decors accordingly. Laborious customization is therefore not necessary and you can single-handedly give your doors new pizzazz. From abstract art and graffiti, to nature and sea, and even space and the Earth. Choose, adhere and enjoy!

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There are 2 pages with 21 products in this category
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