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Photo Murals - Wow Effects for the Wall

There are more than enough boring, monochromatic walls at home. The right image makes it comfortable. Whether great nature scenes, photos from your vacation or from everyday life - a variety of things are framed and hang on our walls in an enlarged form. But why not a couple notches bigger? Like truly large? High-resolution images as photo murals in top quality - those are eye catchers you won’t want to do without.

Photo murals: Which one will it be?

Admittedly with this variety of photo murals it’s difficult to choose the right one. To make it a little easier for you we have put together themed areas, which are great for browsing. There you will find an exclusive assortment of images from the best photographers. Our photo murals are available in three different materials and four standard sizes. But we are also happy to create made to measure photo murals so that they fit your wall exactly.

While the trend is moving towards ever more colorful images, our murals are also available in sepia or in a black and white version, depending entirely on your own preference. From A like “abstract” to W like “woods and meadows”, we offer you a very large selection. You can pay conveniently via PayPal, credit card, Giropay or cash before delivery.

Non-woven photo murals - How to get them on the wall

Hanging wallpaper is not a favorite pastime for a lot of people. Many people have never put up wallpaper. So the question becomes, how to get the non-woven wallpaper on the wall without an expensive handyman? It happens in four easy steps that you can do too:

  1. Make sure the wall to be covered is clean, smooth and dry.
  2. Mix the wallpaper paste for photo murals according to the package directions.
  3. Apply the paste directly to the wall, not to the paper (this is the difference to regular wallpaper and makes hanging photo murals especially easy).
  4. Apply the wallpaper strips vertically and cut off any overhanging remnants with a sharp knife or scissors.

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There are 4 pages with 21 products in this category
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