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Welcome to our wallpaper & photo mural shop

We invite you on a trip through the fascinating world of photo murals and wallpapers.

In recent years, no other accessory enjoyed increasing popularity.
Paper or non-woven, structure profile or satin, stylish combinated from prominent designers – please choose from our large choice of products for your wall decorating.
We make it easy to find the right mural for any decorating style.
Let yourself be charmed of our best room settings! Take novel ideas for your personal aesthetic decoration.
Our impressive photo murals are useful for any area at home: living room, garage, hall, children´s room - or in business places like offices, restaurants, kindergarden, doctor´s practice or the fitness center.

Sit back and relax!!!

designed wallpapers

designed wallpapers

designed wallpapers

Zaha Hadid
Michael Michalsky
Lars Contzen

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Markus Benesch

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Bambino IV

Photo murals are the window to other landscapes. The charming view transforms the room in an elegant and individual place to chill and dream.
Printed on high-quality and large-sized papers with colourful effects presenting tradition, design and quality.

photo mural no. 3104 - Manhattan Sunset
photo mural no. 4044 - Modern art
photo mural no. 3022 - Evening sun on Hawaii
photo mural no. 4534 - Dandelion
photo mural no. 4020 - Saturn Moon
photo mural no. 3818 - Spa & Basalt Stones

With our walltattoos made of self-adhesive vinyl foil, you can decorate bare walls quick and decorative. Please choose from our product range, you can choose from pictures, quotes or your own text

walltattoo no. 9170 - call of blossoms
walltattoo no. 9568 - Your own text
walltattoo no. 8105 - skater
walltattoo no. 7955
walltattoo no. 9725 - eternal love
walltattoo no. 8080 - football goal

Last but not least: Don't miss our choice of furnishing fabrics and decoration elements to round off your room decoration.

Colani no. 435 - ball in gold
Esprit Kids no. 110 - furnishing fabric Dragon Castle verde
Belle Rose no. 315 - furnishing fabric Flowers black & white